Kitten Forever CD release with Bruise Violet, Royal Brat, and Cherry Cola at Triple Rock

I love a night that brings me back to nights of hardcore music of the 80s with bands like Husker Du, Loud Fast Rules and Man Sized Action and makes the music even better by having more women playing even faster than the boys used to play.

Kitten Forever plays fast and nonstop. Three members share instruments – and somehow they don’t stop even when exchanging instruments and signature phone-shaped mic. No songs over three minutes; most less than two. The drums are pounding. The bass is fast. There’s something take-charge about women singing hardcore; the voices carry through the music with great clarity. Some songs have a singsong quality – like Nightmare that masks the dark meaning. While other songs, like 200x are just flat out power.

It’s fun to see how many in the audience (of a sold out show!) know all of the lyrics. I love that about the local music scene.

I was disappointed that Bruise Violet was a duo, not a trio, on Saturday until they played. The remaining two were pretty strong as a duo – not that I suggest they lose the bassist. Bruise Violet is a young band, but they play beyond their years. They seem to have grabbed the punk baton from earlier Minneapolis bands – down to the connection of their name to the Babes in Toyland song. Pick Up Your Goddamn Phone is a song worth tracking down.

Royal Brat and Cherry Cola were both new to me. First – any band that can do a cover of Be Aggressive (yes – the cheerleaders cheer!) is a band I’m going to see again. So I will keep an eye out for Royal Brat. Cherry Cola is more emotive, less fast but there’s a guttural drive to the songs more 90s alternative than 80s punk. Fun to see.

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