Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – guest Ian George – theme return

After a long holiday break, Heather and I are back on the air. We have a new time this semester – Saturdays 4-6pm. We were delighted to have Ian George visit us. He just released a new album, The Kingdom of My Youth. We played a few of his songs, including my favorite Kandinsky.

Ian has some interesting and very lucky stories – especially about how the last album was made. So much fun to talk to him. He’s album released party is Thursday (Feb 21) at the Icehouse!

We finished the show with some unreleased songs by J Berg, an emerging musician from Minneapolis. We also had a chance to talk with him over the break. I’ll include the video below.

You can listen to the playlist of the show on Spotify. I’ll include our intended playlist below. As always – the intention doesn’t necessarily match up with what we really played.

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Women’s March MN: Playlist interviews with Black Widows and She Rock She Rock

We are working with Women’s March Minnesota to create a playlist and podcast for the March on January 19. You can check out the growing playlist any time. In the next two weeks, we’ll be interviewing musicians for a podcast that we will compile and will play on WMCN once Macalester College is back in session.

Corine Caouette, Pamela Laizure and Kim Mancini of the Black Widows

Last night we had the distinct honor of talking with Corine Caouette, Pamela Laizure and Kim Mancini of the Black Widows. They play awesome old school garage surf music. It’s retro girl band at it’s best with heightened feminist themes in the lyrics. We discussed a few of their songs specifically  – Mummy Mama Boogie, about an ancient age when women were silenced for speaking their mind. The song has specific historical references – and we’re hoping that everyday we’re getting farther and farther away from the theme.

One comment that struck me was the increasing focus on women working together in the music industry – despite differences. I think to move forward we need to continue to get better at that and that the Women’s March is the time and place to renew that pledge.

Sam Stahlman from She Rock, She Rock

The Black Widows were playing a benefit for She Rock, She Rock so we got an opportunity to speak with Sam Stahlman, Co-Director of the organization. She Rock is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks through the art of music. They have music lessons and camps for all ages and have for 13 years. Sam was involved in the first year as a student. Anyone I have ever talked to about She Rock has loved it. Almost makes me wish I were musical. (But I think I’ll stick to dance!)

Also joining the show and shown below are the Bloodies, who are rooted in resistance and Getting By, who list smashing the patriarchy as an interest.

Women’s March MN: Playlist interview with Jenna Enemy of The Von Tramps

We are working with Women’s March Minnesota to create a playlist and podcast for the March on January 19. You can check out the growing playlist any time. In the next two weeks, we’ll be interviewing musicians for a podcast that we will compile and will play on WMCN once Macalester College is back in session. In the meantime we’re going to post interviews as we can starting with (drumroll please)…

Jenna Enemy of The Von Tramps

We saw The Von Tramps at Mortimer’s. I was wowed. The band is co-ed but decidedly led on stage by Jenna. It’s a ska punk band, which is right up my alley. I have to admit though it was the Dolly Pardon themed songs that really drew me in. There’s a feminist version of Jolene. Who doesn’t love the music of Jolene and who has been angered by the singer groveling to Jolene not to take my man? The Von Tramps turn that around. They also do I Will Always Love You. That Jenna girl can sing. That’s all I’m saying. Which takes us to our Women’s March pick from the Von Tramps – Bitch from their album The Future is Female. Hear a bit about it and Jenna’s take on post-March music industry below.

Nominate a song for the Women’s March MN Podcast/Playlist

Now that the holidays are nearly over, Heather and I are back working on the Women’s March Minnesota playlist. You can access the growing playlist on Spotify. We have a few songs nominated that aren’t on Spotify. We will include them in the podcast, which we’ll post and plan to air on the Mostly MN Music show on WMCN. We are also looking to interview artists that are on the playlist for the podcast.

If you have a song or artist you think we should add – please let us know. The video below goes into greater detail and also mentions the upcoming fundraiser for Women’s March MN (RBG-O – drag queen bingo at Tin Whiskers) and upcoming shows of former guests of the Mostly MN Music radio show!

Raising voices in song for Women’s March Minnesota – creating a playlist & podcast

The Mostly Minnesota Music radio show is on hiatus until WMCN is back next semester (February). During our break we are going to work on playlists and podcasts – starting with a partnership with Women’s March Minnesota (WMM) to create a playlist and podcast of songs that speak to the themes of the Women’s March.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Heather and I are involved with WMM. The idea bubbled up talking with musician Vicky Emerson on our last show. I mentioned it to WMM and everyone was supportive. The general consensus was DO IT! So as we are.

  • We are creating a playlist on Spotify. Please – feel free to add your recommendation!
  • We want to do brief interviews with musicians about their songs on the playlist. (Contact us if we can interview you! 651-2394581)
  • We will track our work here – posting notes, songs, videos
  • We will also post on Women’s March MN channels
  • We’ll eventually turn this into a radio show episode

We are open to ideas and sharing! Music has such an intimate power to effect change as we see more positive music lifting people up – we want to do our part to help lift that music and those musicians.

Got a song you want to recommend – please do or check us out on Facebook and post ideas there.

Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – theme holiday – guests The Big Wu and Vicky Emerson

Heather and I have successfully completed one semester of radio shows. And I feel like they might have us back next semester. It was awesome to have Mark and Chris from The Big Wu and Vicky Emerson on the show. And our super special guest Kathy – Heather’s mom. She’s great! I thought the Big WU might be taking her on the road.

Vicky helped us start off the show. She brought her guitar and it was just like having a private concert. It was fun to talk to her about the growing scene of women musicians in town. How supportive they are and the increasing prevalence. And it was great to have Big Wu. They are an institution. It was fun to reminisce about back in the day and to hear about their new album. I’m hoping they will be hitting the festival scene this spring and I get a chance to see them.

I am hoping to add the archive of the show later. (But wanted to get the notes out now.) There was a hiccup in the computer that saves the show. The mouse quit working, which meant we couldn’t get to anything. And then I was a day after surgery so I wasn’t my finest for tech troubleshooting either. The station is closed up for the holidays now but I will get the archive up later.

Added Feb 17:

You are download our playlist on Spotify or check it out below. As usual these are created before the show and rarely reflect what we really played – these are the songs we’d play if we had an extra hour!

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Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – theme covers – guest stars Lynn O’Brien and Blair Ransom & Leng Moua from Wild Age

We were delighted to have two sets of guest stars today at the studio. We got a sneak preview of Lynn O’Brien’s latest album Rising. It will be released at a sold out show at Hook and Ladder on Thursday (Dec 6) but you can listen to a few tunes below. My favorite is the title track – which celebrates the movements happening lately to lift up all people. We also had Blair Ransom and Leng Moua from Wild Age. They are playing at the Moon Palace on January 13. They are getting some traction with their latest CD, Sea of Health. I love the flow of it and look forward to their new work in 2019. The theme was covers, which made for some interesting choices. I feel like very guy I knew (round about my age) suggested Slave Raider!

We talked about Wild Age’s latest video venture:

You can download the playlist from Spotify  – or see the list below. The playlists are rarely true to what we end of playing; it’s what we intended to play if we got extra time. Continue reading

Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – theme Farming – guest stars Warren Thomas Fenzi & Joe Dunn from Frogleg

We were delighted to have two guest stars today at the studio: Warren Thomas Fenzi and Joe Dunn from Frogleg. The theme was farming – in celebration of the Minnesota Farming Union, which I attended earlier today:

The show opened with Warren Thomas Fenzi’s upcoming CD Viven. It was great to hear about how the music developed. It’s a three-part composition; the middle track (Teach Me How to Hate) was written on Election Day 2016. Somehow the final segment turns around into a peaceful, dreamy track – now if only life can imitate art. Warren has an EP release on December 4 at the Icehouse.

We also had Joe Dunn from Frogleg, a jam band with a soul backbone. I have seen and enjoyed Frogleg a few times and it was delightful to meet Joe. He told us about their latest video. And it was fun to hear about how the band has come along over the past few years. Frogleg is playing Nov 23 at the Varsity and Dec 31 at the Hook and Ladder.

We’ll take a break for Thanksgiving BUT back the following week with a theme of covers – Minnesota bands covering other music, other bands covering Minnesota music or the best of all Minnesota bands covering other Minnesota bands.

You can listen to show playlist on Spotify or check out the list below. As always, the playlists may or may not track what actually happened, sometimes we run out of time.

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Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – Time theme and guest star Doug Collins

We were delighted to have Doug Collins join us today for an in-studio performance. I was lucky enough to see Doug’s CD release in September at the Turf Club. I loved the music and the energy.

It was even better to have a personal performance at the WMCN studio. He opened with my favorite – Conversation with my Heart. I don’t want to jinx myself but if I were going to get stuck in an elevator, Doug and Heather would be on my shortlist of folks to be stuck with me. Such a fun conversation!

The theme today was Time – next week is farming because I’ll be heading to the show from the MN Farmer’s Union conference. Got a request? Please send it our way!

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Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – the Elections

We had a special guest on the show today – Aine! She gave a review of the new Queen movie. Our theme for the day was the election. And we interspersed our regular playlist with videos I worked on with Women’s March Minnesota of local musicians talking about why they vote.

You can download the playlist from Spotify or check out our notes below. The playlist and notes may not align perfectly with what actually happened.  Continue reading