Soap Factory 3 x 5 Artists in Residency – art in tents

I always enjoy the Soap Factory. This summer they have featured a number of local artists with multi-artists shows, unveiling new artists last each month. Actually each show involves artist coordinators who choose emerging artists to show.

The most prominent part of the most recent show is the series of nine tents. Each adopted/adapted by an artist. While each tent is the same size, same shape, same color from the outside – in inside each is unique. One was like a camping scene, except that the contents (empty boxes, shoes, mattress, stuff) was all painted white. One faced two bull-horn speakers at each other alternating static and connected via cords and metal-spelled words. One included a strange adult film – with two people in a bed. Only you notice immediately that the two people were not filmed together. It’s really two women superimposed together in a bed. And then it’s not really clear if it’s two women or the same woman filmed twice.

I like the concept of surprises packaged the same but very different inside. As a whole they covered themes. Some art in tents was more intense than other.

The other prominent work was from Lela Pierce. It takes up the back end of Gallery 3. Starting with a structure that looks like a hut created from tree roots, moving to a spider web or bicycle spoke of red yarn splayed out and leading to shadow figured in gauzy material hanging from the ceiling. The string seemingly going to a bullet hole or would of the figure  with raised arms.

You can walk through the exhibit. It’s like a maze with very sheer gauze walls. It’s beautiful. It’s ethereal. It’s touching and sad.

I’ll have to go back to focus on the other art another time. It’s one of the things I like best about the Soap Factory. Each show deserves – maybe requires – multiple visits.

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