Michael Ray Pfeifer Love Americana Style

Thursday night Michael Rey Pfeifer released his new CD, Blind Faith at the Hook and Ladder. There was a lot of love in room with family from all around, which seems fitting for a man who seemed to write a lot about love for the new CD.

Starting with the CD namesake Blind Faith, a song about love that comes with time. It, like most of the songs, has an old school county rock sound. There’s a 70s twang to the guitar in this song but there’s also a poppiness in the album that hearkens back to earlier days.

Marry Me Tonight has a different boppiness with the sentiment and toe tappiness of a surf song. It’s fun to listen to and has a multi-layer American feel with the overt Americana and covert beachiness.

Pfeifer writes songs for guitar players and guitar lovers – from the guitar start of Marry Me Tonight to the standout guitar solo in Rockets. It’s no wonder he has so many strings on stage. He is ably backed up with Curt Hutchens on guitar, Dan Carlsen on bass, Pat Wheeler on guitar and Ryan Inselman on drums.

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