Circus of the West shows off Some Connections at the Icehouse

The music scene in the Twin Cities has been thriving for generations but it’s still nice to see concerted effort to bring in the next generation. Circus of the West had that going on in spades! Rumor has members of Broken Beaks, the first band are in high school and the audience included all ages. The legacy continues and brings in a full house!

Their music is happy, toe tapping, mood changing. Even with a song like (I’m on the outside) Looking In, with a strong theme of alienation – the tune is upbeat and seemingly joyful. Even more so when they are accompanied on stage by so many friends. The show opened with nine on stage.

Their songs tell a story with a rock opera feel. Lead singer Edwin Caldie has a strong voice and emotive presence. The first four songs came from their debut album – followed by a few even newer songs. Some Connections is a song that resonates with the specifics in the lyrics from date and location (Nicollet Island). There’s something about details that makes a song more universal.

Through out the show (and wlbum), you can feel the 80s influence, the pop sensibilities, the love of showmanship in the keyboard and old school rock in the guitar.

There was a fun gospel interlude with Dr. Andrea Q. Langford. She was accompanied by the band and several women with strong powerful, plaintive voices singing Work for Me. Again very uplifting!

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