Anahata Collaboration – nice place for a show

I love going to see new venues. I’m partial to bars but open to other places. Tonight I went to another place – the Anahata Collaborative. I went for their Living Room Series showcasing Singer-Songwriters. Sadly I was only able to stay for part of the show (Joyann Parker was great!) but it was enough time to get a good vibe for the space.

The venue is across the parking lot from the Egg and I. Ever-late I was worried about parking but – and this is important – you can park in the lot behind the Egg and I. So easy.

The curb appeal doesn’t do the space justice. It’s well situated between bars and restaurants but again potentially tough parking and in a basement. But it’s not really a basement. It’s high-ceiling, white-wall, window-garage-door-overlook to the Greenway space once you get there. It has the potential to be a truly awesome space in the summer if they can open those doors.

It’s cozy but open. I’d say it would seat 50 pretty comfortably – hold more without chairs. It’s a quiet space where you can really concentrate on the music but not so quiet you’re afraid to sneeze. We got there just in time but were welcomed and immediately shuffled to the cupcakes, which are included in the price of admission. And were super tasty. Then we were able to find comfortable seats.

With high ceilings and lots of open space, the sound is good. And the performer we saw (Joyann Parker) seemed very comfortable. She had a nice balance of talk and music. I learned things about her I hadn’t learned seeing her before and I thought she sounded even better in the setting where I had seen her before.

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