Yam Haus album release at the Amsterdam – local pop band on the way up

If you can’t stand the heat of a rising boy band – stand in the back and get your ear plugs out when you come to see Yam Haus – because they are bringing it. And to be heard above their admiring fans, they need to be loud!

They opened their sold-out, album release show at the Amsterdam with the title track – Stargazer, much to the delight of all around me. It is synth-pop music, leaning on pop. The songs are catchy and high energy. They are fun to hear live but they are made for radio. The songs are infectious. The message is positive. They are cute. They are just the thing to make a young girl swoon and scream.

Yam stands for [you are me]. It’s quirky but again positive and lets the fans have an inside secret. Not a huge secret but I think for the target audience, a little something the parents don’t understand is a fun thing.

There are four band members: Lars Pruitt on vocals and guitar,  Seth Blum on electric guitar, Zach Beinlich on bass and Jake Felstow on drums. They are charming on stage. All smiles, lots of dancing and even more personality. They are from the Twin Cities and I think they represent us well. They were gracious to Kaleb Lee, who opened for them. The band was also very gracious about the location – the Amsterdam.

Note: First performance was Kaleb Lee is from The Voice. He is unapologetically country, which I thought was a nice balance with Yam Haus. He may have been the piece to connect kids and parents in the crowd – and the crowd was mostly kids in front parents in back. Both groups seemed happy with Lee and Yam Haus.

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