Jeff Krause CD release Naked and Hardhearted at the Icehouse

Jeff Krause looks like he sounds and that’s a treat. With a winter beard and a black hat and a couple of guitars, he’s the picture of Americana. He has the patience on stage to unfurl his songs like good stories. He gives room for the other band members to weave in their characters (especially the keyboard), which adds a depth to the songs and end of the song comes in its own time. With nice punctuation!

Like the old school country I used to listen to on road trips with my dad (OK, still do), Jeff’s lyrics are lessons to be learned. “How does he treat you when no one else is in the room.” I ought to needlepoint or tattoo that awesome line somewhere obvious.

The slow steady build of Trying to Forget You is one flavor classic country. The keyboard takes a little dance during the song. The drums push it forward and Jeff was joined on stage by Lena Elizabeth. She offsets his voice nicely. Jeff has a gravely, yet young voice. Picture your favorite (male) country singer in his heyday. The chorus is particularly catchy.

Love You this Way is another slow one. It feels like the last song at the high school dance – or maybe the song after last call in the honkytonk. But they aren’t all slow. There are some toe tappers too. There was a new song (for a future CD) Better Shoot Me Now that was a hip shaker with a great guitar interlude.

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