Lowland Lakers album release Lost in the Move at the Turf Club

There’s a sadness, longing and remorse in the music of Lowland Laker’s latest album, Lost in the Move. But there’s a sense of redemption too – or maybe growth. It’s calmly uplifting in a country music way.

The band at the Turf Club included regular members Haley Rydell ( on guitar, violin and vocals), Nate Case (on guitar, banjo and vocals), Taylor Donskey (on bass and vocals) and a borrowed keyboardist in Dave Mehling.

Let the Light Through is a slow song; Case is lead singer. It’s dark but it’s good. You have to like a song that fits in a Shakespeare quote!

Turns out He Doesn’t Waltz is about Donskey’s grandfather. It’s slow, pensive and Donskey sings. He has almost a bluesy voice and extends the words in a slow way that adds interest and I’m sure is reminiscent of his grandfather.

But they aren’t all slow. I like the uptick of All I’m Good For, sung by Rydell but written by the former bassist, Matt Donoghue, for his daughter. The keyboards on that song are especially catchy.

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