Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – theme Farming – guest stars Warren Thomas Fenzi & Joe Dunn from Frogleg

We were delighted to have two guest stars today at the studio: Warren Thomas Fenzi and Joe Dunn from Frogleg. The theme was farming – in celebration of the Minnesota Farming Union, which I attended earlier today:

The show opened with Warren Thomas Fenzi’s upcoming CD Viven. It was great to hear about how the music developed. It’s a three-part composition; the middle track (Teach Me How to Hate) was written on Election Day 2016. Somehow the final segment turns around into a peaceful, dreamy track – now if only life can imitate art. Warren has an EP release on December 4 at the Icehouse.

We also had Joe Dunn from Frogleg, a jam band with a soul backbone. I have seen and enjoyed Frogleg a few times and it was delightful to meet Joe. He told us about their latest video. And it was fun to hear about how the band has come along over the past few years. Frogleg is playing Nov 23 at the Varsity and Dec 31 at the Hook and Ladder.

We’ll take a break for Thanksgiving BUT back the following week with a theme of covers – Minnesota bands covering other music, other bands covering Minnesota music or the best of all Minnesota bands covering other Minnesota bands.

You can listen to show playlist on Spotify or check out the list below. As always, the playlists may or may not track what actually happened, sometimes we run out of time.

Artist Song
Black Eyed Snakes Chicken Bone George
Trampled By Turtles Good Land
The Last Revel Seeds to Sow
Frankie Lee Horses
Sam Cassidy The Flood (Audiotree Live Version)
Haley Bonar Save a horse, ride a cowboy
Bob Mould Return to Dust
Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps Birch Trees & Broken Barns
Roma di luna Pastures of plenty
The Pines Meadows of Dawn
Golden Smog Cowboy Song
The Hold Steady Cattle and the Creeping Things
Mason Jennings In the Field
Roma di luna Pearls for Pigs
The 4Onthefloor Lionhearted
Dillinger Four Who Didn’t Kill Bambi?
Phantom Tails Solar Farmer, Pt. 2
Hastings 3000 greenhouse
Black Blondie Dressed to Kill a Mockingbird
Porcupine Dirt Road
Little Man Gorilla Fighter
Têtes Noires Why Are the Farmers Dying?
Southside Desire Dirty Hands Prayer
The Andrews Sisters (I’ll Be With You In) Apple Blossom Time
Sounds of Blackness Strange fruit
Happy Apple Youth Oriented
Freddy Fresh I Am the Earth
Timber ghost Black Earth
Frogleg Homestead
Frogleg Persephone
Warren Thomas Fenzi We were never meant to stay the same

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