Mostly Minnesota Music on WMCN – theme stop or go – guest star Jason Chaffee

We were so excited to have Jason Chaffee play in studio today. He sounded great and it was inspiring to hear his story of how sobriety has brought him serenity, joy and returned him to a love of music. His album is about his personal journey from struggles to triumph. He is debuting his video on Jan 10th at the Aster Café!

The theme this week was stop and go. Ironic since we also had a host of uninvited gremlins at the station (really on my computer) making us stop when we wanted to go. There was a lot of live Macguyvering on air and I got to talk for longer than I might normally want to talk. BUT it was fun. If you don’t so something that scares you now and again, you’re living wrong!

Next week is the last show of the semester. We have to reapply for next semester. We have our fingers crossed.

Download the Spotify playlist or check out the written list below. Both are what we planned to do – not necessarily what we really did. 

Artist Song
Sam Cassidy Reason to Stay
Warren Thomas Fenzi We Were Never Meant to Stay the Same
Fort Wilson Riot How Do We GoCrap – thought I sent
Greycoats Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go
Martin Devaney Don’t Give Your Soul Away
Aby Wolf Stay Right There
The Federales I Don’t Wanna Go to Arkansas
Dessa go home
The Last Revel His Days Are Gone
Porcupine You Go First
Prince & The Revolution Let’s Go Crazy
The Melismatics Going for the Kill
Faux Jean She Comes from Money
Zuzu’s Petals Feel Like Going Home
Chris mars Take it Away
Tina and the B-sides BOTHER ME COME ON OVER
Halloween, Alaska More to Come
Semisonic Closing Time
Johnny Lang Red Light
The Replacements Go
The Flamin’ Ohs Stop
Molly Maher Free to Go
Gaelynn Lea Let it Go
The Blind Shake Go Lie
Doug Collins Please don’t make me leave you
Pert Near Sandstone Solid Gone
The Lowest Pair Moving on
Tom Patterson Gogo
The Roe Family Singers Hallelujah, I’m ready to go
The Brass Kings When Springtime comes

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