Raising voices in song for Women’s March Minnesota – creating a playlist & podcast

The Mostly Minnesota Music radio show is on hiatus until WMCN is back next semester (February). During our break we are going to work on playlists and podcasts – starting with a partnership with Women’s March Minnesota (WMM) to create a playlist and podcast of songs that speak to the themes of the Women’s March.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Heather and I are involved with WMM. The idea bubbled up talking with musician Vicky Emerson on our last show. I mentioned it to WMM and everyone was supportive. The general consensus was DO IT! So as we are.

  • We are creating a playlist on Spotify. Please – feel free to add your recommendation!
  • We want to do brief interviews with musicians about their songs on the playlist. (Contact us if we can interview you! atreacy@treacyinfo.com 651-2394581)
  • We will track our work here – posting notes, songs, videos
  • We will also post on Women’s March MN channels
  • We’ll eventually turn this into a radio show episode

We are open to ideas and sharing! Music has such an intimate power to effect change as we see more positive music lifting people up – we want to do our part to help lift that music and those musicians.

Got a song you want to recommend – please do or check us out on Facebook and post ideas there.

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