Six Mile Grove rock 7th album release at the Hook & Ladder

It’s all polish and professionalism with Six Mile Grove on stage. One song to the next with just enough banter to keep it interesting. The songs are so finished and band is on top of everything. Little wonder, since they have been playing together for 20 years. They brought all of their following down to the Hook & Ladder to celebrate the release of their most recent album, Million Birds. It is the first album that they recorded together in one room.

They opened up with an older song, Man of Steel. It’s a great opener. The song gets faster and faster, building an excitement for the show. The drums are holding down the beat of the songs but the strings really take off at the end. Then they moved right onto Shame on Us, from the new release. It’s got the definite country twang. The pedal steel is perfect for it. There are songs that feel more rock and country but that pedal steel brings all back to the Americana side of town.

The band has an interesting story. They played for many years with Bob Wootton, Johnny Cash’s guitarist. There’s an evident impact of playing with someone who is such a legend especially seen in how they took on that old school polish. Play well, play hard and look like you’re having a good time doing it. It’s very appealing. The other comparison I’ve heard to them that I think rings true is Jason Isbell. Their songs are about family life and the good, bad and wistful of family life but generally very upbeat and uplifting.

Not My Fault has a very popular feel. Perhaps given the sentiment of the phrase but also the ease of beat. Damned If I Do is a slower, sweeter song that touches a chord.

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