Mostly MN Music with Julia Christi Ann & Katy Vernon and Ukester Brown

We had a fun day of live music and great conversations on the show today. First we had Julia Christi Ann and her guitar. Julia was a music therapist working in Hospice care. It was so interesting and weirdly comforting to hear about her work and how she has helped bring peace to the end of life for people. In fact, her latest CD (Conjectures) includes snapshots of grief and death. She has a gorgeous voice.

Next we had a visit from Katy Vernon and Ukester Brown to talk about the first (hopefully) annual Ukefest happening next weekend as part of the Midwest Music Fest. It will happen on Saturday (May 4) from 1-4pm at Andrew’s Mansion in Winona. It will be part concert, part session and part workshops. We were delighted to have them play for us too – using a learner songbook created by Ukester; a tool that is available online and will be used on Saturday. Great family event!!

We also heard a lot of songs about dancing! The theme next week is family – MN bands with members who are family.

You can also download our playlist on Spotify.

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