Hanging with an inspiration – Sister Rosalind – masseuse to the St Paul Saints

Not music related – but there’s nothing more Minnesota … The other night I got to help my friend Monica help Sister Rosalind Gefre get to and from the St Paul Saints baseball game where she gives massages. (Pro Tip: she gives free chair massages there – very close to where you walk in. You should do it!)

Sr Rosalind has macular degeneration and therefore doesn’t see that well. Also she’s going to be 90 in November. So she’s open to help. It was a huge honor to help her.

First, I got into the game for free. Second, I got the first massage. Best, she is like a rock star. I have never seen anyone look so happy or be so well loved. Everyone says hello to Sister Roz. Everyone gets a hug and a kiss.  Someone brought her corn on the cob. Everyone who works there is ready for her; they set up the massage chair, make space and look out for what she might need. When we picked her up, she was sporting a new Saints letterman jacket. Someone got it for her the week before when the weather turned unexpectedly cold.

We were there from 6:30 until 10pm and she stood on the concrete the whole time, giving massages. Again – she’ll be 90 years old in November. Wow!

Also it was fun to talk to her. She told us about her trip to Hawaii, which somehow started by telling us about when she was the cover girl for Massage Magazine. I have to imagine she was the first nun with that credit! She started massage when she was 52. It was risqué back then. Much of her community frowned on the profession. But she moved forward with the idea of healing touch. She opened her massage center in the 1980s. (I have been there – especially after throwing my back out dancing to the B-52s – 7+ months pregnant.)

We talked about her use it or lose it philosophy, which keeps her going. And we discussed women in the Catholic Church. The point of agreement was that you don’t have to be in a leadership role to be a leader. We didn’t agree on all things but she didn’t need to know that. She also spoke a lot about Mother Angelica, founder of the EWTN. Again, our tastes may differ here but awesome to see Mother Angelica through Sr Rosalind’s eyes.

Mostly the whole adventure was worth it to hang with Sr Rosalind. To be touched by someone whose aura glows so brightly she can afford to share a few beams with everyone. Also she said I was a beautiful lady. Now that may be the macular degeneration talking, but it was a great compliment I’ll always treasure!


  1. I met this sister through my dad Walter (wally) dolinsky jr, (a small red haired guy, who once umpired baseball) at a a game she invited him to. She gave me a massage. Wonderful lady,when my dad passed away, I didn’t know how to contact her. My name is Ginny fields. Dolinsky is maiden name. I would like to get in touch with her if she is still alive. I now live in eagle grove ia, she can write me at my listed address. Or through my email. Please.. If she is still living, let her know I said hi, and to contact me.


  2. Hi Sister Rosalind, I started at your schooling St.Paul back in 1999. I met you there 2x! You give great hugs! I too started with massage at age 52! I want to thank you for giving massage the respect that it deserves! I’m still doing massage & enjoy it!


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