The Jorgensens CD release at Como’s Spring Café

The best way to spend second summer Saturday night was at The Jorgensens CD release, The Lexington Stretch, at the Como Pavilion Spring Café. On a surprisingly hot night, there’s almost a swampy sound to their music – Minnesota swampy. That’s especially true with Goin’ Goin’ Gone – what’s more Minnesotan than a song that mentions the weather? But the easy pace of sliding strings and a twang to Kurt Jorgensen’s voice.

The album, and the show, is a survey of Americana sound – jazz to blues, gospel to old time country. It was fun to see the full band on stage – the Como stage is large and it’s rare to see it so full. And you could hear the music all around the lake; usually you can only hear it halfway round.

The vocals on If the Sea Was Whiskey command attention. The horn puts you in a place. It’s almost a spiritual sound but for whiskey. I love how the lyrics and the music fit in space but not the meaning. It’s the kind of song you love as a kid because you think you understand it.

I’m a sucker for Real Women. I love the pacing at the start and Brianna Tagg-Jorgensen’s voice from gruff to sweet – in charge, yet plaintive. Like much of the show, the songs seems much older (nostalgic is maybe a better word) than they are; it works especially well with this song because it brings modern feminist ethos into the mixed messages that strong women have always up against.

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