Mostly MN Music with The Jorgensens and Lavender Daughter

Another great day at WMCN. The Jorgensens stopped by to see us. They have a show coming up on December 6 at The Hook and Ladder. They are a delight. It’s fun to hear about a couple that works lives and is raising a 2 year old together. And fun to hear about their blend of American music.

Then Lavendar Daughter stopped by to say hello. They also play a rich blend of musical traditions. It was interesting to hear about their time on the road and the backstory of their song, or the video, Prom King. I love when music can make a statement and start conversation in a community.

And we played songs that were all shorter than 3 minutes – a day of 3 minute heroes. You can hear our aspirational playlist on Spotify.

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