Mostly MN Music season rounds out with Porcupine and Mostly Trees

Great news – we have Porcupine and Mostly Trees on our last show of the semester. It was so much fun. They aren’t exactly a generation apart but it was fun to talk to a band (Mostly Trees) that’s just releasing their first album and a band of polished and experienced musicians.

John Po and Dan Crowe from Mostly Trees joined us. They were a delight. Fun to talk to a band that has been good friends and intermittent band members since they were young. It seemed like they have landed happily back together again. You can see they play at Mortimer’s on December 26.

Casey Virock and Ian Prince from Porcupine joined us. They are very intense and super interesting It was fun to watch them listen to their own music. Casey called out 10 seconds into a song which guitar he was using. And they both talked about the tempo of a live performance versus recorded. They weren’t critical but more in iteration mode. You can see them play at First Avenue on December 27.

The sad news – due to technical difficulties the show wasn’t recorded. So this show was a super special magic one off – like old school radio.

We’ll try to figure out something fun for the holidays. I am working on something very exciting that involves music and the Women’s March – keep January 17 open and I’ll say more when I can.

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