Dolly Parton Tribute at the Turf Club – sold out, snow out awesome night!

Big thanks to everyone who participated (and that includes attended) the Dolly Parton Tribute at the Turf Club on Friday night. I got to be a little involved because Women’s March Minnesota was a partner. I Tweeted the heck out of their Shania Twain show in the fall (as Women’s March) so I was excited when we were connected for this show.

I had been talking to Sonia Grover at First Avenue about possibly doing something sometime for the Women’s March at one of the venues. She connected me with James Taylor. I told him my dream show would be a Dolly Parton Tribute. I was thrilled when he said someone was already planning something like that at the Turf Club – and that someone had organized the Shania show.

Walk in Seth Duin and the A Little Too Short to be Stormtroopers Band. They do good works by hosting shows that lift up women and nonbinary performers that also donate proceeds to women’s groups – like (perfect storm) Women’s March Minnesota if that made sense. And it did.

So we set out to inviting performers. Then Seth and his crew did all of the heavy lifting. We were thrilled to have the following:

I appreciate the time that these folks put into having an amazing show. And I know Savannah drove a long way to be there – in the snowstorm. People used their social capital to promote the heck out of it.

The show sold out! Actually it sold out much sooner than I wanted it to sell out – as in not everyone I know got tickets. BUT then Minnesota weather took care of that. There was a huge snowstorm the day of the show so they opened up new tickets at the bar.

So we had a full house plus! The music was amazing and the vibe even better. My sister Katie flew in from Chicago for the event. A good time was had by all – doing well by doing good – from 9 to 5 and beyond!

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