Talking to the planners of the Festival of the Valkyries (happening May 1 online!)

Today we got to talk to Vicky Emerson, Annie Fitzgerald, Sarah Morris, Jess Rau and Haley Rydell about the new Valkyrie Music Collective and their upcoming online festival:

Festival of the Valkyries
Friday May 1
8:30am to 10pm

(From top left in clockwise order: Heather Baker, Ann Treacy, Annie Fitzgerald, Haley Rydell, Jess Rau, Vicky Emerson and Sarah Morris.)

The event includes 26 performers of all genres and all backgrounds who identify as female. The event starts on Zoom (register in advance for this portion!) with conference-like panels and keynote by Andrea Swensson and shifts to music and Facebook platform at 11am. The entire event is free and accessible on Facebook.

The Valkyrie Music Collective was born of a need to turn up the volume on women’s voices in the music industry and to create spaces at a table that has traditionally been set by men. Talking to these prominent performers you can hear the frustration of experience but not as loudly as the courage and optimism to tackle this inequity.

The movement started before the coronavirus quarantine began but rather than shelve it during this time of disruption, this group recognized it as an opportunity. With live gigs cancelled, more performers were available and the online stage is more affordable to setup and manage than a traditional venue. They have passed that saving into the audience – although tipping individual performers via Venmo or PayPal  is encouraged.

Their story is inspiring – the event is a must see!  The curation is thoughtfully designed to introduce audiences to new artists as they tune in for known favorites.

More details on lineup:

Panelists include:  Grace Hall (First Avenue), Becky Hoffmann (Artist & Tour Manager Dessa, Jeremy Messersmith, The New Standards), Ellen Stanley (EFS Publicity, host of KFAI’s Womenfolk Radio Show), Youa Vang (City Pages), Shellae Mueller (Ordway Center for the Performing Arts), DJ Michel.Be (International DJ, Artist, Educator, Curator)

Performances by:  Kat Perkins, Diane Miller, Annie Mack, Theyself, Ellis Delaney, The Nunnery, Venus DeMars, Jillian Rae, Gaelynn Lea, Kiss the Tiger, Faith Boblett, Mary Bue, Lena Elizabeth, Ashley Gold, Shannon Blowtorch, Joyann Parker, Mayda, Katy Vernon, Erin Grand, Julia Floberg, Julie Eddy, Davina Lozier, DJ Michel.Be, Mary Cutrufello and Maria Isa.


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