New MN Music Video: Changing Faces by Crash Cuddle

It’s out! The new video by Crash Cuddle for Changing Faces. Charlie mentioned it in our interview last month. I’ve been looking forward to it and I wasn’t disappointed. See for yourself…

It’s a video collage of everything. Times speeds up, time downs down. It looks at life through a microscope and a telescope. The music seems to keep at perfect pace with the imagery, which I love since I know the music came first! It’s primordial, interplanetary and retro all at the same time. Because I always have to put meaning to things, it feels like a commentary on the huge crossroads we’re at today, not as a country or people or species but out one more magnitude – as a galaxy!

Depending on your mood, it’s a ominous or comforting reminder that the world has been through much more than we are experiencing now.

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