Andriana Lehr, Steve Kelzer and Ryan Rud on Quarantine Dream

Tonight we spoke with Andriana Lehr, Steve Kelzer and Ryan Rud (Frequency Collisions) on our sixth installment of our Quarantine Dream series. (Quarantine Dream is an album of Minnesota musicians recording songs during the COVID19 quarantine to support fellow musician, Jessa Roquet (Gambler’s Daughter), who was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer about the same the time the quarantine began. (You can – and should- order your copy today!)

Here are the songs they did:

  • The Front Line | Steve Kelzer
  • I Might Remember | Andriana Lehr, Frequency Collisions

We got a quick rundown/reminder of the whole project from Ryan, who really started off this whole collaborative. He’s like the original stone soup chef, giving everyone the opportunity to bring in their talent, their friends and expertise to create the tastiest album.

Ryan and Andriana collaborated on I Might Remember. This is their second collaboration and it’s always been all online. It’s such a sign of the times (pre-COVID and even more so COVID) to have musicians work that way. It would be fun to be a fly on the wall. While Andriana is probably better know for her Americana work, her voice is a natural dreamy fit into the more ambient sound of Frequency Collisions.

Steve told us the fascinating story behind his very somber-themed, The Front Line. Steve was a farmer. In January, he sold the cows and he and his wife went to Australia. Such a life change! They were there several weeks. They came home before COVID was recognized here but Australia was aware of the dangers. Turns out Steve got very sick. He didn’t get a test; as you may remember they really dissuaded people as much as possible to get them back then. But it seems likely that he got it.

The Front Line is a snapshot of that time. Of being sick. Of watching the heroes on the frontlines of the hospitals putting in 12-hour days, risking their own lives. Fascinating. It reminds me of one of the great things about Quarantine Dream, is that it too is a snapshot in time as interpreted by 45 different musicians and technicians.

As with every conversation we’ve had about the album, the interview ends with love for the people in the Zoom, for Jessa and for the others outside of the room. A real community has been formed!

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