New MN Music Video: Mean Streets by The Sparks

Today The Sparks release their video for Mean Streets…

The song is cautionary tale of on the wrong approach to love, maybe the wrong approach to life – in the most entertaining way. It’s very tongue in cheek about a dude (or maybe even a wannabe dude) waking up hungover and dealing with his inner demons – who make a guest appearance in bad-guy horizontal strips. There’s a nod to the snapping street stomp in Pat Benatar’s Love is a Battlefield, a Rocky-esque run up the steps of The Walker and the protagonist uses a golden spoon for his cereal and beer.

It’s a great nod to the story telling video so the 1980s. The songs are a string-heavy and danceable beat reminiscent of the 1980s too.

The song has a pre-COVID energy and focus on being a fool and getting better. Rmeember when we used to worry about that?! It’s vintage MTV at its best, when they used to show music videos.

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