Faith Boblett on her CD release, heartbreak, COVID and Nailed It!

We are excited to share that Faith Boblett’s new CD (take care) will be released on Friday! We’ve had a few sneak peek songs she has released online like Didn’t Want You and Ugly Things, which has just whet our appetite for the rest.

We had a great time talking to Faith about the new CD – it is unabashedly a break up song. Luckily, it’s a break up that’s been in the rearview mirror for a while now so there are no hard feelings (we learned) but it’s a work that does get to the emotions. Faith allowed that much of it came out in a cathartic stream; and I can report it feels cathartic to listen as well. It’s a powerful, full story album. You see the progress of anger to realization to coming to peace. And we learn coming to peace, doesn’t necessarily mean coming to peace with the lost love but the family and friends that are sometimes part of the package.

While it is a break up song, Faith’s Jagged Little Pill, it’s also feminist. It call out some of the experiences that women have and in a way that unites us and gives us strength. Funny to hear that Faith is a big sister, in some ways it feels like a warning you might give to a younger sister or friend. Women have to warn other women about gaslighting – otherwise gas-lighters will continue to make us miserable.

Our conversation went well beyond the album. We talked about live in COVID, including some awesome Netflix and music recommendations. We talked about Faith’s family. We talked about the bet way to listen to Take Care. You’ll have to listen to figure that out!

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