New MN Music Video: Eaten Alive by Eli Gardiner

From his latest album The Fire and The Medicine, Eli Gardiner releases a video for Eaten Alive, featuring people who have battled with addiction and are now in recovery.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Eli a couple weeks ago; he is a thoughtful and socially responsible person. He is also a filmmaker, which clearly shows in the videos he has released. He told us about Eaten Alive, a song honoring his brother, who is in recovery and works as a recovery coach. The song is written based on an article that Eli’s brother wrote in their local newsletter newly into his recovery comparing addition to being eaten alive.

The video features successful recovery warriors. Eli asked them to submit a picture that represents their recovery. I don’t know any of these people but it makes me feel happy and proud just to watch it. Especially as we’re in a dark time of COVID and civil unrest, it is inspiring to see people who are living their best days.

Eli comes from a unique perspective. He’s originally from a small town in the Upper Peninsula (MI). He plays country music. He has a story and musical appeal that would speak to a spectrum of political leanings. I hope that music will draw people in and the messages will get them thinking!

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