Twin Cities COVID day trip: I voted – for Creepiest Doll in Olmsted County and learned about MN Suffragettes

The History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester is hosting a creepiest doll contest. It’s just a little over an hour away from the Twin Cities. I finished a monthlong and super-awesome broadband conference at noon today and I knew immediately what I was going to do. Dad and I took off on a day trip to see the dolls!

To be fair – only one of us drove. (While the other finished her conference work in the passenger seat.) And only one of us went in to see the creepy dolls. So the conversation during the journey was at least as important as the destination – but it’s good to have a place to go. Below were the options. Who would you select?

Each doll comes with a description. Informative but, god forbid we are experiencing pandemic limitations next year for Halloween, I think they should have a creepy doll haunted story contest and invite people to submit back stories for the dolls.

I chose the beauty in purple at the bottom of my images. I have three daughters. In my time I’ve seen some well worn dolls but this half-baldy baby captured a creepy part of my heart. The winning doll will be announced at their cocktail party tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

A bonus at the museum? There was an exhibit dedicated to Minnesota suffragettes because 2020 marks one-hundred years Since women voted in their first national election. You can see me with Susan B. Anthony below. (Back in the day I wrote at least one report on SBA.)  The exhibit introduced: Amelia Hatfield Witherstine, Marion Louisa Sloane, Eliza Tupper Wilkes, Jesse Van Schaick Predmore, Stella Doran Cussons, Sarah Wright Clark, Emma Potter Allen, Sarah Burger Stearns and Grace Van Sickle Melone.

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