Lewiee Blaze on the N4 Collective and changing the narrative in the Twin Cities

Lewiee Blaze and the N4 Collective give me hope for the future. I have seen Lewiee perform (Black Lives Matter) at protests and rallies and we wanted to get to know him better. What a lucky find!

Lewiee is from the Twin Cities. He went to the High School for Recording Arts. He is a natural entrepreneur, strategist and performer. Last year, he and others formed the N4 Collective, a social entrepreneurial group of creatives that use their art and storytelling to combat social stigmas with a mission to provide healing and transformation to society. They use 4 tools: new mindset, new media, new leaders and new narratives.

It’s an emerging group. They are forming together carefully. They spent much of last year building the themselves and articulating shared beliefs. They started 2020 strong with recruitment of other young people. Then COVID hit. They used that time to build as individuals while staying connected to each other. Then when George Floyd was murdered they reconvened.

They are a young group but open to all connections. Lewiee said a few things that struck me, starting with – the wise are young and the young are wise. He has such a good turn of phrase, which makes him a great performer but also a key member for a team that is trying to effect change. He has a way of capturing the imagination. Another great phrase, he spoke about the need as activists to quit playing checkers and start playing chess. Quit with action for action sake and start being strategic, play for the long game, be patient and have a purpose.

You’ll have to watch the video to hear more. Be prepared to get inspired. Right now the world is watching the Twin Cities and our achievement gaps are showing. But Lewiee is out to change the narrative. I feel like he’s well poised to do it and I feel like his reach will be wider than we can imagine.

They are looking for partners – so follow them if you want to learn more, you want to join or you have a skill or opportunity to share.

Lewiee Blaze

N4 Collective

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