Sarah Streitz on the CD release of Cut Flowers

Sarah Streitz talks to us about her latest CD, Cut Flowers. It has all of the feels from the joy of Shake Shake to the heartbreak of losing a child on Quito.

Sarah has an interesting story and this album gives us an insight into a few of her chapters. We talked about life-changing events memorialized in Quito and Fades to Black, the songs of joy (Shake Shake) and the moments of mood that inspired Let the Night Take You.

She has the voice of a storyteller with a gravitas that gives an import to any song.  Her journey into music started when she took over her daughter’s guitar lessons, which makes her my personal hero. The wisdom to let the kid walk away and the bravery and curiosity to take advantage of the opportunity – while having four kids. And now listen to her! It’s a lesson to be learned.

That was just one example of her resilient flexibility. Speaking about Quito, a song remembering her first child who died days after his birth, Sarah speaks with appreciation for the circle of life. The death of her first child left room for the four children (some now grown) she has now. That acceptance of circumstance and ability to personally prevail is a lesson I’m going to try to take on from our conversation.

We also talked about Sarah’s latest video for Shake Shake. She created it herself. Self taught. Apparently she has a few more videos coming out soon. I’ll be keeping an eye out for those. She is very creative – and it’s fun to see how that’s manifesting in so many directions with a very hands-on approach.


  1. Thank you for this. Sarah is my husband’s cousin. We love and miss her so much. Her music is organic, personal and so very human! Superhero humble Sarah!

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