MN Music Video: Blind Approach (1980s hard core punk band)

Today’s video is a little different, it’s old footage of Blind Approach, a hard core punk band from the 1980s, featuring Brendan Bruun as drummer.

Brendan is a family friend. He has been one of my brother’s best friends since third grade. Last week he died of cancer; his funeral was today. Brendan was a great guy – always kind. I remember him mowing lawns as a little kid – and recently (well in the last two years) I ran into him at the Turf Cub to see Impaler. Brendan always loved the music.

Blind Approach included Brendan, Matt Henderson (who went on to Agnostic Front), Chip Pearson (who went on to win a Tekne Award for his software company) and Scott, whose last name I cannot remember. And I thought Marty Glynn played with them too – but I’m not sure that’s true. They were a St Paul band – very important to note St Paul, not Minneapolis.

The band started when they were all in high school. I think they started as DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers) but eventually went with Blind Approach. They played parties. I think I remember a show in the basement of Northern Lights. Eventually, they built a following and a reputation. They opened up for Agent Orange at First Avenue. They also toured.

Last time I saw Brendan he told me about hanging out back stage with Lemmy from Motorhead. Lemmy suggested they go for a drink. Brendan pointed out that he was in high school – Lemmy said, no problem. Brendan always had a quiet coolness.

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