MN Music Holiday Video: Christmas Wish by Katy Vernon

Christmas Wish by Katy Vernon is produced by Katy’s daughter Lily Vanderwood.

The upbeat nature of Katy’s ukulele offsets the sad message the song conveys – I know my Christmas Wish ain’t coming true.

Katy lost her parents when she was quite young; this song is about the years of missing them over holidays. The location, the costumes, the upbeat ethos of Katy and the band around her sugar coat the message – in a very real world way.

The video was released in 2018. It’s hard to not bring 2020 into the equation. So for those of us who are missing family that we normally see at this time of year, this is a reminder of how lucky we are and why we are staying separated this year. We are staying apart so that next year we can be together – if we’re lucky.

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