MN Music Video: I’ll Do Anything by The Vibro Champs

By request we’re looking at a blast from the past – I’ll Do Anything video by The Vibro Champs off their 2009 release Mr. International.

The music is always fun with the Vibro Champs – a rockabilly punk that makes it hard to stand still. The easy chorus and the repeating chord – the song is familiar with intrigue. It makes me miss live music so much!

The video is a house of fun or a house of horrors depending on how you feel at the time or maybe depending on what might thrill you most. Either way it’s visually exciting – like a literal carnival happening just for us. From multiplying tap dancers in tiny tap pants to random dancing rabbit plushy to sawing a man in half interspersed with the band playing – the video has everything, which makes it fun to watch again and again. It’s like a demented Richard Scarry kid’s book come to life or Where’s Waldo on he Wild Side.

The storyline is loose; it pits one damsel in distress as the primary audience and her transition through the show – from punky tshirt and jean shorts to Alice in Wonder yellow party dress. It’s a retro take on parents taking on kids and kids rebelling but there’s an irony in the retro weirdness, the result and of course looking back at a video that’s 12 years old, many of us are in a different point (parent-child wise) than we once were. It just makes both parent and kid look a little cooler.

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