New MN Music Video: By Red Work by Greta Ruth

Greta Ruth has a new video out for By Red Work. It’s a musical a glimpse of a very sensual alchemist.

The vintage dress, the hallway and room furnishings are very romantic; it intensifies the subtlety of the vocals. The video and lyrics play off each other in an interesting way. The visuals are a of a woman seemingly weaving a love spell; the lyrics tell the story of a woman seems to ne finding herself…

now that I know there’s a way out

and my eyes are the start

I thought they were a mirror

I was wrong

Both feel rich and luxurious.

Video credits: Filmed by Elena Stanton Edited by Greta Ruth & Elena Stanton Hair & Makeup by Megan and Sarah at SM Hair & Makeup Lyrics & Music by Greta Ruth.

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