New MN Music Video: Vax-a-Nation by The Menks at Melody Acres

Here’s a video you should share with every last person you know who may need that extra push to get a vaccine – it’s Vax-a-Nation by The Menks @ Melody Acres!

I met Carl Menk at my day job. Broadband connected us – pun intended! He lives in Le Sueur County. For folks outside of Minnesota you might recognize that area as the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant.

His family has been doing daily concerts in their home throughout the pandemic. It’s a COVID Concert series. It is an amazing collection of songs. They are all talented. It seems like they get requests. The range of songs is incredible. (Girl from Ipanema  being a personal favorite.) But the one I really wanted to share is their COVID take on Kool and the Gang’s Celebration, called Vax-a-Nation. Really a great way to spread the word, maybe start a conversation with someone who needs it!

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