New MN Music Video: 2MUCH by ilie

The 2MUCH video by ilie came out in December 2020 just a month after the album was released.

First, how can I not love a video that so prominently featured a Turf Club sweatshirt?! The music is easy electronic-forward dance music. It has a catchy hook that I’ll be revisiting for days.

The video is a mix of fun and message. Visually there are friends and dancing and a strange spin on using a model as table to eat off of. Usually you see that with someone eating sushi or at least appetizers, not fast food. And my favorite image – the couch cushion face. It’s funny – and nearly every scene includes a camera-phone. The lyrics are a more serious recognition of prominence of anxiety in society today and part of that is social media. Social Media can be both the tool to “making it” and the weapon to destroy us or at least our sanity.

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