MN Music Video Premiere: Madrid by Bev

So excited to unveil the local premiere for Bev’s new video Madrid. It’s the latest video release leading up the release of her next album Crusher on May 21, 2021. We look forward to talking to her about the new album tomorrow!

I can’t wait to hear more about the song, Madrid. Given my world today, hopefully creeping out of the COVID quagmire, it feels like the daydreaming we have all been doing about travel in the last year. The desire to have someone just “take me away.” There’s a gentle imploring in the lyrics in the music. Maybe a wishful thinking  for more but without urgency or irritation. There’s also a warm feeling of a relationship and of the comfort of seclusion behind the curtain at home.

The video is mostly a close up of Bev’s lips singing. Sometimes there’s an image of an airplane flying or a beach transposed onto the image. Sometimes we get to see Bev’s whole face for a few seconds, which feels so intimate in the moment. It’ s powerful video in that it’s difficult to look away from it. The music is soothing and gentle. And yet her lips command such attention.

Bev is beautiful but that feels secondary to the message. Normally fixation on one part of a woman might trigger in me a fear of objectification of women but here it feels like it’s a woman taking back her power by showing only what she wants to show and how she wants to show it.

The video was filmed, directed, and edited by Niki Beverly. It was produced, engineered, and mixed by Holly Hansen at Salon Sonics Studio Mastered by Huntley Miller

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