Annie Fitzgerald on Under the Moon and astrology, community and tenderness

Annie Fitzgerald has a new single out (Under the Moon) and a growing list of appearances on the calendar, including Saturday (Jun 19) at Stone Arch Bridge Festival and Hook & Ladder (Aug 5) with Sarah Morris. You should check out at least one of those options!

Talking to Annie is always never what I expected – in the best way. She has so many dimensions that conversation just takes off. We started with a line in the new song (Under the Moon) that struck me – this moment is all we have. It struck me because I needed to hear it and many of us need to hear it after the last year. But that line got us into talking about Rumi and Sufism, which led to Annie’s amazing knowledge of astrology. Both Heather and I learned a lot. Amazing to hear about what astrology says about January 6, 2021 – but more focused on creativity in Minnesota, interesting to hear how astrology ties into us all both as individuals and as a community.

We also talked about the importance of community. Under the Moon is a nod to Annie’s community of friends who celebrate the new and full moon. Or at least the did celebrate collectively before the pandemic. Moon celebrations are at the same time so personal and so community focused but it sounds like the limited community aspect of the last year opened a door for Annie to go deeper into her personal grow and education. While this may seem far afield of music, it fits right in because that increased sense of self infuses Annie’s music with a tenderness and openness that builds an authentic relationship with the listener in a way that went even deeper than I expected.

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