New MN Music Videos: Little Lizard – Earthlings Remixes

Little Lizard is releasing two remixes today: Take Me to Your Leader and Earthlings. Both push their funk punk sound to a higher level of groove.

Little Lizard worked with fellow Minnesota musicians Nat Harvie and Mickey Breeze to revamp each song. Nat Harvie added an ambient overlay to Earthlings (Remix) rounding out the sound. The video features Little Lizard dropping in at various sites around the Twin Cities. Mickey Breeze brought in the danceable funk to Take Me to Your Leader (Remix). The video features a retro futuristic dance party like you might find in the basement of Sid and Marty Krofft.

I love the remixes. I love the originals. Opening the door to changed versions adds versatility and dimension to each song. Take Me to Your Leader original is the song I was to dance to alone in my room; the Remix is the one I want at the club. Mostly I love the idea of being open to such collaboration and the opportunity to get difference Minnesota musicians to get together. We spent a lot of time talking to musicians who worked collaboratively at the start of the pandemic (Quarantine Dream) ; this is the more techno-funk version of that theme.

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