Loki’s Folly on new music, new merch and new member!

Such a treat to glimpse into the eyes of Minnesota’s musical future (certainly punk future) as we looked across the Zoom at three members of Loki’s Folly. Yup – you read that right, the power family duo has become a power family trio!

Tonight we spoke with Annie (age 20), Nissa (age 15) and Oskar (age 10) about their upcoming album (Sisu), new merchandise, videos and life in the last year and a half of pandemic strangeness. The brief history: Annie and Nissa started taking music lessons with Ryan Smith, eventually they formed a band. Somewhere near the end of 2018 they started taking off and started recording an album with the help of Ryan and Ed Ackerson at Flower Studio. Due to many circumstances, that album is the one they hope to release soon.

The album and the band have become a catalyst for bringing together a wealth of Minnesota musicians – from Ryan and Ed, to Michael Bland, Dave Pirner, to their brother Oskar who began studying bass at age 8 and at 10 felt ready to join his sisters and a host of others. (You’ll have to listen to learn!) Loki’s Folly has that “it” sound that draws people in.

Their first song, Love Song, was about a classic 1980s punk as it gets; while The Little Mermaid had the nuance of an 1990s alternative tune. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Their new merch includes some school-ready accessories and a throwback to the Charlie’s Angels pose. Thinking about it Loki’s Folly is like watching Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoons; there’s something for all ages and their pencil cases exemplify that ethos.

We also spoke a bit about what it was like for them to tour as the world closed down in 2020 – such a unique view and then what life has been like going to school and making music all from home, all together for the last year and a half. Spoiler alert: they learned a lot, they made some awesome music and they still like each other. Win!

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