Martin Devaney talks about Folios and Dispatch

Folios is a new project by Martin Devaney and with he’s just released a new album, Dispatch. Billed at cardigan lo-fi, it is  personal and personable collection of gentle yet deep songs. You can catch the album release on October 23 at the Aster with Bev.

Martin talks about the new record being a blueprint for folks (including his newly formed band) to take in whatever direction that makes sense for them. It seems like that’s how to create the music. He made the album, during the pandemic at home using the instruments and skills he had for each. He found himself writing in proliferation he hadn’t experienced for a while. A combination of pandemic and self-examination and he listened to his inner voice for direction.

The album sounds like that perfect Goodwill shirt feels; it’s new but familiar. There’s a story behind it and it may or may not be your story but it’s evocative and brings emotions right to the fingertips. No Line in the Sand starts with a “welcome to the second act” and that seems to be the worldworn but optimistic feel to the album. The keyboards in Weekend Holiday indicate that second act doesn’t always mean entirely grown up – there’s still room for play!

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