Jon Arthur Schmidt on recently released From the Marrow

Jon Arthur Schmidt released From the Marrow on Oct 15, 2021 with a show in Watertown MN. It’s an album of emotion and strength.

Jon released his first album when he was 19 years old. Having been in a heavy metal band through high school, Jon found himself enjoying a more spiritual journey once hitting 20. He took some time off from professional music. He got married, had kids, lived (and lives) the trials and tribulations of having a family with the added dimension of health concerns.

The sound of  the opening song (Library Land) reminds me of early Kinks, not Lola, but Well Respected Man. The music sounds upbeat, stripped down and layered. Turns out, the song is a heartfelt nod to The Library Recording Studio and his producer Matt Patrick.

Most of the songs on the album tell stories of sadness and dark times with fear of the unknown but with a balance of a faith that things will work out. His experience of compassion and resilience are the cornerstone of the album.

He sings about watching suffering of loved ones and working to be the support and guide that we all need in dark times – as a parent or partner. He authentically feels that while things don’t happen the way we want them to – they will work out. There are glimpses of Jon’s faith that helps support him but it’s not the dominant theme. The result is that the songs are as uplifting, not sad.

There’s also the duality of his family experiencing a hard time as world experiences hard times. Many songs pre-date the pandemic but not all. It’s All Falling captures the unraveling of a family in the face of illness and the unraveling of a society in the face of a pandemic. And for both, the unraveling is a necessary part of rebuilding and becoming stronger. The album comes at a time when we all have more room to explore our fears and feeling of uncertainty and helplessness and we all benefit from music that assures us that that things will work out.

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