New MN Music: Money by Paperilo feat. The Nunnery

A new band with a new song and a lyric video we can share; it’s Money by Paperilo featuring The Nunnery.

The song just released last week. It’s an interesting mix of big sounds and little nuances. It feels like a busy day in a downtown you know. It’s interesting but not too dizzying. (The slight movement of the video might add to that ethos.) There’s a lot going on and it’s fun to listen to the song.

The lyrics are endearing. I won’t type them all but here’s a flavor:

I chased the money / I tripped and fell / still got my baby

There’s something lovable and familiar in the imagery. A lot of us aren’t above chasing the money, but we are able to recalibrate when it doesn’t work out. Or maybe it does work out and we realized we aimed at the wrong target.

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