Sue Scott invites us to the Island of Discarded Women

Sue Scott is the host of Island of Discarded Women, a monthly podcast that begins with a live taping with a full audience. Next live performance is June 12 at the Women’s Club of Minneapolis with Georgia Fort (BLCK Press), musician guest Judah Gardner and her regular cast of characters, including spoken word artist Brittany Delaney, actor/storyteller Dae Yang and singer/songwriter Zippy Laske.

Sue is an actor, comic and podcaster. After a long-time stint on the Prairie Home Companion, she found herself position recast with someone younger and suddenly struggling with her work, her identity and her self-worth. Eventually, after getting good advice from a podcast conference for women, Sue decided to use the forum to tell her own story and invite other women in to do the same. She lifts of the voices of women who are doing well and good in the world. Each show includes a music guest, someone accomplished in their field, maybe a spoken word artist or other guest.

It has become a safe space for women of all ages to talk about the times they have felt as if they were sent to the island and the ways that helped them find the voice to help get themselves and other women get off the island. It’s also a fun place and often a funny place. It’s a great night to come with girlfriends or maybe an intergenerational family gathering!

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