New MN Music Video: The VCR Repairman by The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy

The Challenger Disaster Conspiracy is a new band with a great sound and fun perspective. Their debut show and Spotify release party is September 1 at Amsterdam Bar & Hall with Goodnight Ritual and Them That Dare.

The music is a punk metal hybrid vintage 1987. And the ethos is Dead Kennedys’ biting satire as in Holiday in Cambodia or Kill the Poor. The video includes pop culture references from the same era, such as Archie Bunker, Duke Boys and Bosom Buddies. There are some earlier clips too, but if you watched TV in the 1980s, you saw those clips as reruns.

The song is about the VCR repairman bemoaning the life he was promised and blaming everyone around him for selling him out. There is an audience that needs to see this and The CD Conspiracy has chosen a language they just might understand! The rest of us can just enjoy the music and the humor.

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