Mostly MN Music with Taylor Carik of Parishes

Great to be back in the studio today and so much fun to have Taylor Carik join us to talk about Parishes and their upcoming show happening Friday October 7 at the Turf Club and share some unreleased music!

Being fair, Taylor Carik wears a lot of hats including Whisky Rock ‘n’ Roll Club Minneapolis, Dispatch MSP and our highlight today – Parishes. There is something about the swampy roadhouse sound of Parishes that transports me immediately to some hot, slow bar in New Orleans. The sound is dark and cathartic in a great way. It doesn’t make you forget about your troubles, but it just gives you a little more perspective. The show on Friday is going to be awesome! One of the fun things about Parishes is that the live shows are completely different from the recorded material. Well, not completely different but it’s as if the recorded version is just a jumping off point for the show. Prepare to groove.

Our theme was return. You can check out our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out what we really played below. The theme next week is mental health – for World Mental Health Day on October 10.

Artist Song Release
John Magnuson Did You Ever Really Go? Barely Noticeable
Trampled By Turtles When I Come Back Again Songs from a Ghost Town
Soul Asylum Sometime to Return Hang Time
Present Company This Time Present Company
Wyn Starks Who I Am Black Is Golden
Hüsker Dü Flexible Flyer Flip Your Wig
Mae Simpson Already Here Did You Make It Back
Longshot Champion Revisited The Healing
Romantica & Ben Kyle Harder to Hear Shadowlands
POLIÇA Be Again When We Stay Alive
Creeping Charlie Back Around How to Kill Creeping Charlie
Golden Smog Until You Came Along Weird Tales
Rachel Kurtz By the Grace for Crying Out Loud
Turn Turn Turn Can’t Go Back Can’t Go Back
Butter Boys Roundabout After Hours Super Powers
Black Eyed Snakes Rise Up! Rise Up
Toussaint Morrison She’s Here Social Science Club
Matthew French Sweet Love Sweet Love

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