New MN Music Video: Jolene by Blake Shippee

Jolene by Blake Shippee is a video from the newly released album, It All Started from a Whisper. The song is toe tapping Americana and the video tells a story with a healthy dose of magic realism.

Immediately the video sets a stage that is recognizable or at least imaginable. It’s too early in the morning, we see pills, beer, a doctor’s note and a pizza box from Duluth. That grounding sets up an authenticity, like the start of a Twilight Zone. And then the video gets a little surreal as Blake is haunted by so many faceless Jolenes. It’s the kind of creepy that draws you in while the music is familiar, almost soothing in that Americana way. There are hints of sadness in the sound and madness sights. It’s a delight and the story brings out the emotion in Blake’s voice.

The video was created by Richard Medek at Bones & Wire. Musicians include Blake Shippee on guitar and vocals, Erik Koskinen on guitar,  Richard Medek on drums and Josh Gravelin on bass.

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