Preston Gunderson CD release and Colin Bracewell at the Southern Theater – so classy

The setting was gorgeous and the music was amazing for Preston Gunderson’s CD release show including the location, the band and Colin Bracewell to start. The pairing of Preston and Colin was perfect, both sing about lost love and fall or autumn. They are both genuine and of Minnesota.

Preston’s album, Fall, showcases his strong and confident voice. It’s the voice we heard on The Voice and American Idol. He opened with my favorite from the album, Broken Arrow. The imagery is strong and clever. That talent for telling a story with a few details carries through the album; another favorite is Love Like This, with few words he paints a picture of brining a date to a corn maze and or to watch a football game. They are uniquely Minnesota fall experiences that conjure up specific feelings for me. Preston’s voice with Kara Laudon accompanying is perfection because they hit notes that support the memories of the lyrics. I’m sure everyone’s memories are different but they strike a heart string. Preston’s voice is so emotive.

So much fun to see Preston’s mom jump on stage to sing Summer Breeze (Seals & Croft) with her son. No question where the voice or the showmanship comes from! It feels like a generous gift to the audience to share family. And the audience loved it. Preston’s interaction with them was engaging but as if from a much larger stage, which made the room seem bigger and even more important. He elevates the room.

Colin played solo with the guitar. So pure to see a man and his guitar on stage. He played Slopes, which online seems like the runaway hit. It’s up tempo and fun. Making Me Crazy is the song that is blowing up locally these days with a steady hold of number one spot on The Current Chart Show. The build in that song gets the toe tapping, Colin’s voice is to smooth and easy but I think part of his charm is his authenticity. Colin sings the words that every girl wants to hear from a love interest past or present – especially if sung in his voice. We got a sneak preview of songs that will be coming out soon. Be excited!

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