Mostly MN Music with Barrel Flash and spooky songs

Delighted to have Barrel Flash share songs from their upcoming album A Guide to Dancing Alone, which they will be celebrating on November 5 at the Urban Growler.

Priscilla Thomas, Julia Brown and Ross Johnson have been playing around the Twin Cities for years but this is a new permutation. Each is a songwriter and has written a few songs on the album together they are surprisingly cohesive with themes or travel and loneliness and being alone and not lovely. Their music sounds like something different for each song – from a waltz to folk to bluesy. Looking forward to seeing them play next weekend!

You can listen to our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out what we actually had time to play below:

Artist Song Release
Savage Moods Dark Side Dark Matter
Sigcell Pile of Ghosts Pile of Ghosts – EP
Hawthorne Oachs Ghosties Ghosties – Single
The Last Revel Bones Uprooted
Charlie Parr Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down Cheap Wine
The Suburbs Monster Man Ladies and Gentlemen, the Suburbs Have Left the Bulding
Ondara An Alien In Minneapolis Spanish Villager No. 3
Jillian Rae Buried Alive I Can’t Be the One You Want Me to Be
Cole Diamond Friday Night Demons Friday Night Demons – Single
Vial Ego Death Loudmouth
Gully Boys Neopet Graveyard Not so Brave
The Pines Sleepy Hollow Above the Prairie
Curtis & Loretta Santa Claus on Halloween Lift the World
Swallows Dead and Gone In the Shadow of the Seven Stars
Jeremy Messersmith A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard The Reluctant Graveyard
Impaler Goblin Queen It Won’t Die
Kaylee Kitzman Medium Medium – Single
The Makeouts Sleepy Hollow
The Tender Years The Witch Boy After the Batteries Die – EP

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