Mostly MN Music with Maddie Thies – theme of thanks

Maddie Thies was the perfect guest to have on the show when the theme was gratitude. Maddie clearly takes the time and effort to appreciate life in every moment.

Maddie is a bassist whose happy place could be playing music all day, but we are thankful that she also takes the time write, sing and collaborate with such an interesting array of performers. She got an opportunity to concentrate on her art as a Cedar Center Commission Winner. Her music is tender and powerful. She taps into her experience as a Third Cultural Kid (TCK). (A TCK is someone who was born into one culture, raised in a secondary culture, and because of those two influences, identifies as a unique third culture that is a combination of the two.) The music will speak to anyone who ever wonders where home is or was or might be.

You can listen to our aspirational playlist on Spotify or check out what we actually played below. Also worth noting that due to technical difficulties, we weren’t able to archive the whole show, which is why we recorded our entire conversation with Maddie. We’re hoping the archive it fixed by next week!

Artist Song Release
Social Animals Love Language Social Animals
The Hold Steady Arms & Hearts Boys and Girls in America (Deluxe Edition)
Dylan Hicks Happiness Airport Sparrows
Mae Simpson Smile Did You Make It Back
Davina & The Vagabonds Sunshine Nicollet and Tenth
Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles Oh Home Heat
Golden Smog Pecan Pie Down By the Old Mainstream
Jesse Norell The Lucky Few Aorta Borealis
The Shackletons Minnesota Girls Minnesota Girls – Single
Slim Dunlap Hate This Town Times Like This
Barrel Flash Between the Lines A Guide to Dancing Alone
Serious Machine It Will Come Ring Ring / It Will Come – Single
Bathtub Cig I Luv U Night Blindness
full catholic Hand Off Sparks Every Dream At Once
Hüsker Dü New Day Rising New Day Rising

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