5 Questions with Of the Orchard and their new EP Uprooted and their show at the Turf on Feb 23

We’re excited to check out  Of the Orchard‘s EP release of Uprooted on February 23 at the Turf Club and glad to get some insights into music beforehand.

Uprooted is about a relationship that has ended. What inspired you to want to write songs about that time?

Songwriting has always been one of the best ways for me to process my feelings, so I often use it as a way to sift through everything I’m feeling which helps me navigate to the core of it all. There was a lot of rawness with this particular breakup which led to a lot of questioning: Where did things go wrong? How much of the fallout was caused by me? Am I capable of loving someone more than this? And if not, what does that mean for the future?

It was pretty daunting at the time, and I think writing these songs (and many more that ended up not making this EP) helped me get through the sadness I experienced, and allowed me to come to terms with everything.

How did do you feel about the experience of writing the music after the fact? Is it cathartic? Is it hard to perform the songs?

Extremely cathartic. Getting everything out onto paper and into these songs was so therapeutic, and allowed me to transfer those feelings into the songs and leave them behind. It sounds more simplistic in writing than it actually was to move on, but there’s something really fulfilling about finishing songs with such personal emotions being conveyed, and I felt a certain level of peace when these songs were finished. I’m really proud of how these songs turned out, so it’s not necessarily hard to perform them. These songs are a representation of the feelings I had when I wrote them, so I no longer need to hold onto that sadness or carry the burden of those feelings when I perform the songs. It’s kind of like Dumbledore releasing his memories into his pensieve to free up space. These songs did that for me.

Assuming the music is based on a real story (yours or someone else’s) will the past partner be at the release show? Would you want them to be there?

Ha ha, I do not expect them to be there. As a songwriter, I am constantly writing about my feelings and emotions. I wrote songs about prior relationships, I wrote about the relationship during, and now, I am writing about it after. She was a supporter of my journey and will likely see and hear our new songs. I hope that she is doing well, but assume she will be listening from afar. These songs were a way for me to cope and process through my feelings, and I hope they know there is no animosity towards them through these songs; they are only a way to express myself.

The last song, idfnu, is a claiming back of power, a powerful, personal anthem. Is there a fourth song, or are you ready for a whole new EP? What is your musical mood moving forward?

There were a few other songs that were in consideration for this EP, or future projects, but I think I ultimately felt ready to move on to the next chapter without dwelling on this breakup through more sad songs. Now, nearly a year and a half removed, we have some fun, upbeat love songs on the way. We’re currently in the studio tracking a 5-song EP that will be released at the end of spring/early summer, and it will be a much more lighthearted and fun EP.

Please tell us more about the EP release happening at the Turf Club on Feb 23?

We’re really excited to be playing our EP release show at Turf Club on Feb 23rd! This is our first time performing at the Turf, and we’re playing with some of my favorite bands in the Twin Cities: Zippo Man, Colin Bracewell, and The Cold Casuals, so it’s bound to be a really fun night! Doors open at 7:00, show starts at 8:00 and tickets are $15. If you’d like to buy some advance tickets, here is a link: Of The Orchard at Turf Club – February 23rd

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