5 Questions with Superior Siren on new album – playing in Duluth March 18

I have had the pleasure of seeing Superior Siren a few times but always outside, which seems fitting as the music is ethereal and nature-feeling. Saturday (March 18), they are playing at the Jade Fountain (7PM) in Duluth, MN – where they will be debuting their latest video, Love Poem.

Do you feel like Duluth seeps into your music? I ask because Duluth with the North Shore is beautiful and yet heartbreaking – between the weather and remote areas and the largeness and coldness of nature. When I hear your music, I feel all of that.

I believe our natural environment directly affects how we feel and express ourselves. For me, Lake Superior has always been an inspiration. I am a Pisces and feel deeply connected to water. I grew up going to Park Point beach in the summer with my mother, pretending to be a mermaid. I have learned to appreciate Lake Superior in all seasons; from the serene sunrises in the spring, to the reflection of moonlight on a cool night, to the raging winter storms. All of this seeps into my music. My Piscean nature and desire to be a mermaid called for Siren to be in the performance name. I also wanted to involve the ominous and alluring beauty of Lake Superior. Superior Siren perfectly fit the eerie and captivating music I wanted to create.

Please tell us about the title of the EP, Kill Your Darlings, and the inspiration for the songs. 

This collection of songs is an ode to past relationships, and how those experiences influenced the relationship I have with myself. By knowing and loving others I have expanded my ability to know and love myself. Amidst the authentic connections and genuine joy, I discovered unlearned patterns and the darkest shadows. Within the depths I found immense opportunities for healing and growth. ‘Kill Your Darlings’ is a literary reference which means to rid of unnecessary elements for the sake of the overall story. My intention for the EP is to let go of these songs, release what no longer serves me, and make space for the new.

There’s a clever duality in Love Poem where I feel like I’m caught in the mythology of the siren’s song and a very traditional love story and it makes me wonder, with the siren’s story in mind – do you feeling more like a siren or you’re a sailor in listening range?

Love Poem does tell of a love story, therefore I felt it fitting to adapt the song into a music video. I wrote the lyrics following an argument with a lover. Our relationship was ending, and we were in disagreement. At the time I wished that our interactions were easy and fun, but our experience together triggered wounds within ourselves that were begging to be healed. I realized there was too much pain in this person’s heart for them to allow our love in. I left a handwritten note at their home soon after the argument, which provided closure to our romance. The music video is centered around the ‘Love Poem’ and delicately expresses how the shadow shows itself within the conflicts of a relationship. The majority of my songs are written with the theme in mind of a siren luring sailors to their death.

Who is the perfect or target audience for Darkness and Light? I may be projecting but it sounded like a reminder to me, as a woman, that “I am a treasure to behold.” But I can think of others who might benefit from a reminder that we are treasures.

Darkness & Light is about finding beauty within the depths of yourself, and learning how to appreciate and empower yourself. It reflects on how relationships can be incredible learning experiences, by offering space in which to witness yourself and another authentically. The song is inspired by self-love, honoring one’s worth, and surrendering to the journey. A main goal of my artistic practice is to help others heal through music, so I hope this song inspires many that they indeed are a treasure!

Tell us about your upcoming show.

I wanted to offer an intimate viewing of the music video and a full band performance by Superior Siren for family, friends, and fans. A part of the music video was shot at the Jade Fountain Cocktail Lounge in Duluth and the owner Kai Soderberg has a special appearance in the video. The bar has a unique aesthetic which complimented the energy of the song, and will be a great location for a premiere. I added Karaoke to the line-up to make it more of a birthday celebration for the two Pisces in the band, myself and Nyssa Krause. I am greatly looking forward to sharing “Love Poem” with the community!

I have spent a lot of time in Ireland and your songs transport me to a peer on Dublin Bay where we lived or odd trips to the West. Lots of parts of Ireland are very like the North Shore. There’s a magic in music (your voice really) that transports a person so wholly.

This is so cool to hear! I have ancestors from Ireland, and I aim to be a channel in which their messages can pass through. There is a deeper influence to the music I create than I may ever fully understand. I lean into imaginal ways of knowing, and allow all parts to express themselves through my voice.

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